One Bowl Brownies

There is a debate in my family about brownies.  My mom thinks that Duncan Hines makes the best brownies, and I used to agree.  But once I started reading labels I just couldn’t bring myself to make anything that includes ingredients like partially hydrogenated oil and artificial flavors.  Brownies shouldn’t need factory processed chemicals to be delicious!  And to be honest, once I started thinking about what’s in them, they stopped tasting as good to me…I don’t know if my taste changed or my mind got in the way of my enjoyment, but I decided there has to be a better alternative.

So I set out on the somewhat bizarre quest to make brownies that taste as “good” as the ones that come from the box!  I’ve tried out a few recipes that were promising, but none really blew me away, and my mother still won’t let me make brownies for any family function based on my previous experiments.  So when I saw a recipe on Smitten Kitchen that Deb specifically said would appeal to those who love the boxed variety, I was intrigued!  I wanted to make brownies for my brother’s family for the Yom Kippur break fast, which presented the perfect opportunity to test the new recipe out on my 5-year-old nephew who also loves brownies from a box.

I thought these brownies were absolutely delicious – dense, fudgy, and such a rich chocolate taste.  My nephew (and everyone else at the table) seemed to agree!  And the best part of this recipe is that it is made in just one bowl (plus a pot that just gets wet, not dirty), with one mixing utensil, and with ingredients that you may very well have in your kitchen already – I didn’t have to buy a thing!

So while the holidays have not been the best opportunity to showcase healthy cooking, I feel good that through my experiments with spinach leek dip and brownies, I’ve proven to myself that we don’t need chemicals in neat little packages to have tasty special occasion indulgences – good old wholesome ingredients still do the trick, and the effort involved does not need to be monumental.  Take that food manufacturers!  🙂


Btw, how cool is this picture?  Thanks hubby!



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