Roasted Tomato Sauce

This summer I developed a bit of a tomato problem.  The organic tomatoes at the farmer’s market were so irresistible, I was buying pounds each week and eating them every day.  Which would have been fine if I didn’t also buy a 25 pound box of tomatoes being sold for an amazing price…and then another…and then a couple more…I lost count, but I think I must have bought about 150 pounds of tomatoes in boxes over the course of the summer, in addition to the ones I was buying just for snacks and meals!  I will tell you, that is a lot of tomatoes to process, but my extra freezer stocked with everything from tomato soup to sauce to puree is awesome.  Well, awesome if you’re crazy like me.  Otherwise, maybe just crazy…

In any case, that many tomatoes to process before they went bad was quite a project, and so I became creative and varied in my approach.  But one of the easiest and most satisfying methods I discovered is to just roast them in chunks to make sauce.  Roasting the tomatoes dehydrates them just enough to make the sauce perfectly thick, and the carmelization of the tomatoes, onions, and garlic bring out the sweetness of the sauce and give it great depth.  With virtually no work.  I highly recommend giving this a try next time you find yourself with a few pounds of tomatoes, whether they be from the farmer’s market, your garden, or the grocery store!






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